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Carl Offord, Copywriter


Do you want more of the right high-value customers landing on your company’s website? 

If you want a customer-focused jewelry copywriter that increases your sales and knocks your website copy or brochure copy out the park the first time, maybe we should talk.

You’ll get smart customer-friendly high-converting copy, even if you’ve written your company’s copy yourself.

Here’s the thing:

Today many freelancers are project busy and are more concerned with moving from project to project (which often leads to burnout) instead of focusing on how they can help customers in a unique way.

Unlike most freelancers  I ensure that my clients receive an engaging professional experience while using the retainer model to grow the clients business.

The truth is-cultivating long-term relationships with my clients to solve their business problems for better strategic positioning-is beneficial for both parties.

You’ll want Carl’s services if:

  • You want persuasive website copy and brochures that attracts converts and sells your company’s message
  • You have marketing-related deadlines that are crucial to your bottom line
  • You are too busy trying to find a competent, reliable, copywriter for your next product launch
  • You value a strong, consistent, work ethic that builds your brand
  • You want a commercial copywriter that speaks your customer’s language
  • You want a business owner who cherishes customers at all times

If you’re still hiring unreliable copywriters and you are now ready to make a profitable investment in your jewelry business perhaps we should work together.

Let’s discuss your business goals-E-mail Carl: contact@carloffordcopywriter.com