What is good copy?

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What is good copy?

There are plenty of people in the sales & marketing milieus that have no idea about what a copywriter is or what one does. There are also plenty of small business owners that have no idea either.

My Dad was a novelist & owned a weekly newspaper in New York which included editorials, political articles, a cartoon, and breaking stories that transpired in The Apple.  He was not a copywriter. He was a writer of fiction and essays with a talent for brilliant headlines. He lived amongst the great writers like Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin.


Let’s talk about copy:

Writing an article or telling a story is different than writing copy to sell a product or service. Copy comes in the form of persuasion with words on a homepage or on a websites landing page to induce a customer to take action to opt-in, download a white paper, or place an order online.

Copy is not an essay, or a personal story like a daily journal. Good copy sounds natural like a conversation with a good friend. Copy doesn’t sound pushy or talks down to the reader.

Above all else good copy sells.  Copy is about tone. Is your copy snarky or funny? Good copy makes the reader feel as if the product or service is made just for them. Copy makes the reader feel like the product could very well make them a better version of themselves.

Who wouldn’t want that?

I think about the supplements I purchase monthly online and why I continue to stay with the company. It’s the copy…that’s what keeps me coming back. 72-hour promo sales…new product launches…the first ever charity…all written to entice & seduce me into buying.

When copy is well written it is one of the most powerful written writing tools I have ever encountered. Good copy appeals to your emotions first then handles customer objections with pure logic.

In the final analysis, good copy is something we should all strive for in our emails, text messages, and anything else communication-related.



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