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Q & A time…

? How long will it take to rewrite my company homepage?

After the proposal process, a general timetable will be discussed for a fast, effective, turn-around for a homepage refresh.

? How do I attract more customers to my website?

An enticing headline, well-written copy for different web pages, (for different stages of customer awareness) plus effective CTA’s (call to action) will attract more customers.

? How can copywriting help grow my business?

Messaging is important in conveying your company’s product or service to inform your customers why they should do business with you and not your competition.

? What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?

Marketing is about promoting your company’s message through social media your website, brochure etc. while advertising is paying for a TV spot or paying for an ad on a well-known website.

? What’s your process for coming up with a catchy headline to sell my product?

We analyze and synthesize VOC (Voice of Customer) data to determine the best messaging hierarchy for your product or service.

When looking at the data we determine the best value proposition and headline that conveys your readers pain points and state of awareness to join the conversation in your customers head to produce relatable copy that sticks.


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