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Me. Great Copy Starts Here-Your always friendly B2C copywriter provides persuasive website copywriting, marketing brochures, & other marketing essentials.

What’s in it for me? You ask yourself.

You get a smart, articulate,  jewelry copywriter with a keen desire to listen and learn what the customer wants.

I used to sell my own jewelry on e-Bay therefore I’m already familiar with the type of writing involved with describing alluring jewelry for sale.

The truth is I kinda fell into copywriting and now I help small jewelry businesses grow their brand with powerful website copy and marketing materials.

Once hired my primary copywriting business objective is to help you solve your business goals.

I’m a business owner and a solid investment for your company’s financial health.

You will learn that I’m fair honest and ambitious and when I work-I strap in and turn on all I’ve got.

You will also discover that I’m easy to work with and open to suggestions about my work.

You should always feel welcome to email anytime to discuss your jewelry copywriting needs.


To discuss your copywriting needs and learn more about me-

Email: contact@carloffordcopywriter.com