Enter The Content Audit

What if you could discover exactly what messages your competition is using in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace?

Knowing your competitors messages can help you understand:

-What messages your site visitors expect to see when they visit your site

-What messages might be repetitive, & which you’ll want to use sporadically

-Any obvious gaps in your messaging

-The tone or style your competitors are/aren’t using in their copy

Your content audit will also bring into focus what messages your prospects have probably already seen.

Your Content Audit Includes Analysis of 5 Components:

  • A content audit on your 5 competitors home pages
  • Your competitors value proposition/headline
  • The primary messages you know your competitors are using to visitors
  • Primary CTA’s (calls-to-action)-language, visual design and position on the page
  • Special incentives or reasons to compel your visitors to buy (i.e., guarantees, discounts, bonuses, free shipping)
  • Cool stuff that wows

The Long Form Sales Page

Your sales page is the most critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to conversions.

If your business wants to sell online, and not just sell but profit, you have to have sale pages that convert.

The elegance of a long-form sales page (LFSP) is that it walks your potential customer down one complete transformation (all the stages of customer awareness) from:

-Feeling a pain

-Being introduced to a solution that could solve that pain

-Feeling urgency to buy your product/service

-Seeing your CTA and taking action to buy your product

You can use your finished LFSP to use as is-or you can repurpose it into shorter messaging sequences or campaigns (landing pages, videos, emails)

The Process:

Research. Write. Wireframe. Fill your Inbox.


-Access to Google Analytics

-Past and currently running campaigns (i.e. Google Ads)

-Past chat transcripts, surveys, heatmaps

-Client interviews


Voice Of Customer research used to write the LFSP:

-One Reader

-What people complain about

-Agitate (Examples of bigger problems)

-What people want in their own words

-Features they want/like


-Wireframing your sales page helps you clearly see how your sales page will look to your customers and prospects.

Comin’ In Hot-Open your Inbox to get your newly written mega-revenue generating Long Form Sales Page

Launch Day-Email/Offer Announcement

What if you could create a sales-generating launch without repeatedly wondering “Am I doing it right?”

Nearing the end of a sales launch:

-Over 50% of your sales will come in the last few hours

-Why do we accept that as the norm?

-Why are more than HALF of qualified, ideal, perfectly-targeted customers waiting till the end to buying?

-Instead of depending solely on superficial urgency to move product, why not unpack the psychology and try to FRONT LOAD sales?


-CASH-FLOW to invest in more paid traffic.

-VALIDATION for both you and your partners/affiliates which gives you confidence to market more aggressively throughout the rest of the launch.

-EXPECTANCY SET: Even if they don’t buy from this email you’ve set the expectation that they “should have” – you trigger the FOMO and raise the stakes earlier, which primes you better for the closing sequence.

Coming soon…Email Audits.

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